Thursday, April 19, 2012

Choco Home Run Ball 초코 홈런볼

♥ brought this much Choco Home Run Ball  초코 홈런볼  by Haitai 해태...^^~

Here are the actual contents. Yes, they do look like mini cream puffs.

Based on this picture, you can estimate that one pack this size has about 20-21 chocolate-filled home run balls 홈런볼스?

The puffs have tiny holes were the creamy chocolate filling must have been pumped in. They're not there to achieve a donut or cream puff look, are they? I even read that some Koreans call it a butt hole  똥고. ^o^
Product Name: Home Run Ball...홈런볼... it reads the same way as it's spelled...(homreonbol). I bet you know what a home run ball is... WIN~!

Hole in the Pocket: from ♥... probably not more than PhP 80. But I really  don't know. ^^;

First Impression: The baseball theme is obvious. There's a kid with a baseball bat ready to hit a home run. However, I don't know the connection between cream puffs, chocolate and baseball. But if I were to over think it... maybe it's so delicious, it hits the home run spot of my stomach! I also think the container is a little too spacious for the 20 pcs. or so of puffs which means that you have to finish eating it all or find a sealed container for the leftovers. Or in my case, find a sticky tape or stapler and seal it so tight that no air shall pass!

Taste Buds Say: It's oddly not crunchy, but more like a chewy/aired out cream puff. It actually looks like baby/mini cream puffs. You can just let it melt in your mouth and suck the living chocolate out of it. haha! Kidding aside, it's a really good alternative for chocolate cream puffs. The chocolate is not very sweet and the dough covering tastes like plain cookie (minus the crunch!). For me, eating home run ball 홈런볼 is not very fulfilling because it's not that heavy of a snack. Anyway, I feel the same way about eating cream puffs. 

Reminds me of: Like I said... choco cream puffs.

K-rating: 3/5... I'm not really a fan of cream puff...or baseball.

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